The company provides high-level carburizing heat treatment services. The company obtained its heat treatment technology from Tokyo, Japan. It has the highest grade DOWA heat treatment facility, vapor carburizing heat treatment device, box hot and cold tempering furnace and precision heat treatment inspection apparatus.
The company specially manufactures gear, spindle and transmission parts; the products include motorcycle, automobile, agricultural machinery and transmission system. It is a China subsidiary of All Horng Gear Industry Co., Ltd., aiming at expanding the markets in Mainland China and South-East Asia.
Technologically supported by the Mechanical Industry Research Laboratories of the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, R.O.C. and European technological teams, the company has highly stabilized cutting ability and professional design power. Currently it extends its market to Europe, Japan and Taiwan.
The company is specialized in manufacturing high precision powder metallurgy products to do good capillary sealing process. It provides specialized parts for wood processing machinery, automobile and motorcycle, hand tools and gun tacking industries.